Deadline Uncertainty

Green's Thoughts on the Deadline

Raptors’ Green Explains the Uncertainty of NBA Trade Deadline Season

This may be a fun time for the fans, but for players, trade deadline season is a roller coaster of stress and emotion.

“It’s a little different being in a different locker room,” said Toronto Raptors’ guard Danny Green on the latest episode of his Inside the Green Room podcast. “Discussing that type of thing or guys feeling a little unsettled, or uncomfortable, or not quite so safe. [In] San Antonio, we didn’t make many moves or shake things up. Most guys felt pretty safe in that things weren’t going to happen or any big changes.

“But here, you know, I feel like because of the whole DeMar situation, guys, nobody feels kinda safe, we’re practicing now, things are going well, but we won’t know exactly what’s gonna happen ’til trade deadline. We’re light hearted about it, [make] jokes about it, but at the end of the day, guys know it’s a business and they know that most teams aren’t going to pass up on a guy like that and, a lot of times, you might be a piece that [could] be moved. End of the day, by February, you could be in a whole new city with a whole new team.”

With the Raptors seeming to be in on the Anthony Davis sweepstakes, no body is safe and the players know it.

This is the nature of the business and as the Raptors look to get themselves over the top and become serious competitors in the NBA playoffs, Masai Ujiri will have to take emotions out of business and do what will help his team win.


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