Fixing All-Star Weekend

Fixing All-Star Weekend

Ogi Oroz Proposes Three Ways to Improve NBA All-Star Weekend

It seems as though there is no showcase in professional sports that ends with more disappointed customers afterward than NBA All-Star weekend. Whether it’s the lack of competitiveness (and defense) in an otherwise meaningless exhibition to finish the weekend or the increased monotony of the slam-dunk contest, it somehow always manages to fall flat. Sure, there are the occasional sparks, like the Dunk Contest in 2016 or the competitive ending to the All-Star game in 2015, but the overwhelming assessment is that All-Star weekend is broken. Here are three suggestions to bring some excitement back to the weekend:

1) Mic up the players!

Fans love to get up and close to the action! What better way to do that than to give them the opportunity to hear what players are saying during the three-point shootout or before a dunk? Heck, I even enjoy listening to coaches during timeouts in the TNT broadcasts, let alone having the opportunity to hear the best players in the league amongst themselves in a fun, yet competitive environment.

2)Allow NBA players to show off their secret talents!

Nobody really watches the half-time concerts or performances, anyway. Instead, why not allow NBA players to show off a side of themselves, other than basketball to the crowd. For instance, NBA players like Damian Lillard, Lonzo Ball and Iman Shumpert are known for their rapping talent. Have them square off in a rap battle! I’m pretty sure every NBA fan would rather watch that than a performance by Ariana Grande.

Or, as he showed his talent at the NBA Awards last season, allow Victor Oladipo to sing.

Or, even better, let Boban Marjanovic show off his dance moves! I think that, alone, may reinvigorate All-Star weekend!

3) Change the All-Star Game into a 3×3 Mini-Tourney! 

I’ve saved the best for last! Look, there are 24 all-stars to begin with. Split them up into 8 teams and have them square off in a 3×3 knockout tournament. Teams can be chosen randomly, fans can vote for teams of 3, or the players can choose the teams themselves, it does not really matter. This would surely get the players competitive juices flowing, increase the drama and create plenty of intrigue.



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