Save That Money

Save that Money

Phoenix Suns’ Josh Jackson Opens Up on the Luxurious NBA Lifestyle

It’s easy for a young player to get quickly overwhelmed upon entering the League.

All of a sudden the money is pouring in, the fame and glamour associated to the NBA spotlight takes over and many players simply cannot handle it. There have been too many fall-from-glory stories in the NBA circles, of players who at one point had it all, but very quickly blew all the money away, be it on homes, cars, jewelry, and clothes.

For players, especially young up-and-coming stars, it is especially important to maintain a good foundation of people within their inner-circle to keep themselves grounded – to get accustomed to the luxurious life of an NBA athlete.

“At first it was my mom, my financial advisor,” comments Phoenix Suns forward Josh Jackson on what helped him stay level-headed upon entering the NBA. “My agent was telling me a couple stories about dudes he has worked with before. You know, all types of things – gambling problems, expensive taste in clothing and jewelry.”

These are the stories and the support that allows young players like Jackson to see the big picture and understand that even for millionaire athletes there are limitations.

“At the end of the day it really just comes down to you,” Says Jackson, who was selected fourth overall in the 2017 NBA Draft out of Kansas. “The type of person you are. I think that money doesn’t really change people, it just brings out more bad habits – It just brings out habits that are already there. So if that’s who you are, that’s who you are, but the way I control it is just, I try to look at my bank account every week, how much I’m bringing in, how much I’m spending every week. I do a good job at going over that with my financial advisor. Once you really get to see the numbers coming and going, you get more serious about it so that helps a lot too.”

That being said, Jackson still tries his best to help his family and friends with his newly-acquired wealth.

“There are definitely times where I’ve had to help my family out,” Says the 21-year old. “Even times when they didn’t really need it and I was just helping out. But you just got to say no sometimes. That’s really the key part and you just have to know that after you tell whoever – mom, dad, sister, brother – it’s still going to be a family at the end of the day. You telling them no shouldn’t effect the relationship you have with them at the end of the day and if it does, that should tell you something.”

Of course, every now and then players should spoil themselves and enjoy their riches, and for Jackson he has done it to both treat himself while providing for his family.

“I think my first big purchase when I got into the league,” he ponders. “Obviously, I got myself a home. Started establishing credit. Rented out a four-bedroom house and I got my mom a house not far away. Probably five minutes away from where mine is. So those were my first two big purchases.

“I always promised my mom from when I was really really young, probably first or second grade, that I was going to buy her a house and a car and it just felt really good to do both of those things. So now I got her a car too, she loved it. What else did I get? I bought myself a car, a Range Rover. Bought my dad a Rolex. Gifts kept coming. I actually bought a lot of stuff this past Christmas too for friends and family so it’s just real special to be able to do those types of things and make everybody happy.”

That being said, like every player, even Jackson made one or two purchases to forget.

“I think my dumbest purchase, and this is the one I still haven’t gotten over,” says Jackson. “I had a pair of earrings. This was like right around the time before I got drafted, I bought these earrings and they were $6,000 and we can’t play or practice in them so we constantly have to take them out and put them back in, and I lost them like a week after having them. That’s it. 6K gone. I still think about those.”

For Jackson, like for every young player, getting used to the NBA lifestyle is a learning process and it is a lifestyle that the 21-year old star is starting to understand.


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