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Bosh Opens Up on Toronto

Chris Bosh Opens Up About Toronto Departure on the BS Podcast

Chris Bosh is ready to officially call it a career on the night the Miami Heat retire his jersey.

The 11-time All-Star joined Bill Simmons on the BS Podcast to discuss his career highs and lows. Bosh touched on his time with the Toronto Raptors, the team that drafted him, all the way up to his time with the Miami Heat with whom he won two NBA championships before health came in the way of his NBA career.

The most interesting part of the entire conversations concerning the Raptors was surrounding Bosh’ infamous departure for Miami in the summer of 2010. Bosh specifically opened up to Simmons on the key moments that made it clear that his time with the Raptors was approaching its end.

“I remember John Salmons was a free agent and it was between us and Chicago. So I’m like, ‘Yeah, OK. Oh man, if we can get Johnny Salmons we’ll be pretty good,’” Bosh told Simmons. “And I guess you would call it recruiting, trying to get in touch with him and stuff, and he took less money to go to Chicago. And that’s kind of when I knew it was going to be a lot more difficult being in Toronto. So as soon as I could change my destiny and have an opportunity to explore other things, I was ready to do that.”

Ironically enough, Salmons joined the Raptors three years later.


Bosh went onto also discuss why he felt the Raptors struggled to attract marque stars.

“You think as a young guy, ‘Hey, if I work hard everybody else is going to work hard around me and we’re going to do this thing — this special thing,’” Bosh told Simmons of his time in Toronto. “And as hard as I was working, we were barely scratching the surface of the playoffs. I think we made the playoffs two years in a row and one of the years I thought we were pretty good, we were a .500 team.”

With Bosh as the team’s centrepiece, the Raptors were unable to get out of the first round of the playoffs.

“It was just that consistency of just kind of underachieving a little bit and really, quite frankly, not having any help. Free agents didn’t want to come. Therefore, we could only get so much better,” Bosh explained.

“It is what it is. I guess it just wasn’t as appealing,” Bosh said of Toronto as a free agent destination. “And even now, I don’t remember the last time Toronto got a big free agent signing — it’s usually been smart trades.”

Bosh went onto win back-to-back championships as a member of the Heat. His number (no.1 ) will be retire by the team on March 26.



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