Dolan Fed Up

Dolan Fed Up

Knicks Owner James Dolan Quickly Losing Control of his Franchise

Likely frustrated by the Knicks’ lack of progress and another hopeless season, Dolan decided to take his anger out on a fan. Fans heckle players and front office personnel all the time, but for one fan in particular, they caught the wrong man at the wrong time.

Yesterday, following the Knicks loss to the Knicks, as James Dolan was talking through the tunnel, a fan yelled, “Sell the team! Sell it!”

Dolan responded, “You think I should sell the team? Then he gestured for the fan to come closer and said, “Do you want to not come to anymore games?”

To top it all off, he concluded, “And you know what, Enjoy watching them on TV,” as security guards escorted the fan out.

A spokesperson from the Madison Square Garden Company said, “Our policy is and will continue to be that if you are disrespectful to anyone in our venues, we will ask you not to return.”

Asking a front office member, with as brutal a track record as James Dolan to sell the team, does not seem particularly disrespectful. If anything, Dolan should be held accountable, and fans should have the right to voice their opinion. This wasn’t a personal attack on Dolan, it was a dissatisfied Knicks fan voicing his opinion, and likely the opinion of most Knicks fans. This is not a good look for Dolan or the Knicks organization.


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