New Way of Gambling

New Way of Gambling

PropSwap: The Latest Invention in the Sports Betting Market

Regretting not placing that bet earlier on Giannis Antetokounmpo to win MVP when the odds were much better? Or on the Bucks to win the East before the season when the odds were a whopping +1600 compared to +225 now! Rest assured, there is now a solution for you.

PropSwap is the latest invention in the betting marketplace that allows you to log onto the website and shop around for futures tickets that you be interested in. For instance, below is a Giannis to win MVP ticket. The ticket was placed earlier this month at +350 odds, with a $200 investment and $900 payout. If you are confident that Giannis will win MVP (and because odds have already dropped significantly), you can purchase this ticket for only $540 and potentially profit $360.

PropSwap was born a couple of years ago but has continued to grow especially in the past year, after progressive changes in sports-betting legislation. A new user simply creates an account on their website and is immediately in business. The company has processes in place to ensure a buyer receives his or her ticket and that a seller receives payment. They even offer resources to help sellers determine the fair market value of their ticket.

By heading to PropSwap, you can check out current tickets for sale. There are some incredibly juicy NBA tickets, including Nuggets to win the NBA Championship at 28/1 odds and a Derrick Rose to Win Most Improved Player Award at 152/1!

All in all, it’s a great tool for sports bettors, as it hypothetically allows you to cash in on a bet that you haven’t even won yet. Also, if you have a favourable ticket and are feeling inpatient or need money right away, you can sell your ticket for a nice profit. Check it out!


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