Time for a Change?

Time for a Change?

Silver Considering Replacing All-Star Game with Mid-Season Tournament

NBA commissioner Adam Silver has had a lot to say in the past week. Among other things, he has listened to NBA fans worldwide and recognized that the NBA All-Star game needs to be fixed.

“The All-Star Game didn’t work,” he said, calling it “an afterthought” of the weekend despite changes like tinkering with the rosters through a player draft that was made public for the first time. “I get it. We put an earring on a pig.”

Silver talked about a potential solution being to replace All-Star weekend with a preseason or midseason tournament, similar to what is seen in European soccer. “There could be multiple smaller tournaments,” Silver said. “It would even be possible to have some of these tournaments overseas- in Europe or Asia- where the NBA is working to grow its brand.”

At firs thought, this sounds like a great and innovate idea. European soccer features numerous smaller tournaments, nationally, continentally and globally. By reducing the amount of regular season games and eliminating All-Star weekend, in favour of smaller tournaments, the NBA could solve numerous issues at once.

First, it could give NBA players the relief that they have so long sought from a relentless NBA schedule. Second, it would create a more competitive environment, with teams not only competing for year-end titles, but also for smaller championships. Finally, as Adam Silver mentioned, this would be an enormous opportunity for the NBA to branch out and play games overseas to grow their brand.

Look, we have long discussed the need for change when it comes to All-Star weekend. Silver is as innovative as commissioners come, and sooner rather than later we will likely see big changes akin to this one.


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