Westbrook in Hot Water

Westbrook in Hot Water

Thunder Superstar Russell Westbrook in the Headlines Yet Again

The animosity between Russell Westbrook and Utah Jazz fans continued last night. The Thunder star confronted a man and his wife during the second quarter, after they racially taunted him, according to Westbrook.

Westbrook was on the bench when he heard the fans tell him to “get down on my knees like I used to.” That prompted to curse at the man and threaten his wife, as seen in the following footage. [Warning: the videos contain coarse language.]

After the game, Westbrook spoke about the incident. “There’s got to be something done. There’s got to be some consequences for those type of people that come to the game just to say and do whatever they want to say. I don’t think it’s fair to the players.”

Last night’s incident raises some important questions about when fans take it too far. The Jazz have said that they will be investigating the issue further.

“Players and fans have a shared responsibility to create a safe and respectful environment,” The Jazz team statement said. “If it is determined that any fans violated the NBA code of conduct, appropriate action will be taken. “

Westbrook’s teammates came to his defence following the game. He’s not coming off and talking to the fans, just saying stuff to them and just blurting out words,” said Raymond Felton. “They’re coming at him first. When is there going to be a point where there’s going to be protecting those players? People can say whatever they want to say to us during games and yell out stuff and talk about our families and talk about our kids.”

Former Raptor, Patrick Patterson also came to the defense of his teammate via social media. “Fans can say what they want about a mans family, wife, & kids… tell a player ‘Get down on your knees like you used to.’ As men, what do you expect us to do? Shut up and dribble? No one is held accountable for their actions except for us. Fans are protected in every way possible but not us,” he said.

It will be interesting to see how the Jazz and NBA deal with the issue. This isn’t the first time Westbrook has had confrontations with fans and it may be time for appropriate measures to be taken.


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