NBA Lottery Ties Broken

Ties Broken

Making Sense of the Upcoming NBA Draft Lottery

Step one of the NBA lottery process has been completed. Last week, seven ties among teams that finished with identical records were broken through random drawings to determine the order of selection for the 2019 NBA Draft.

The results of the drawings were as follows:

  • The Cleveland Cavaliers (19-63) won a tiebreaker with the Phoenix Suns.
  • The New Orleans Pelicans (33-49) won a tiebreaker with the Memphis Grizzlies and Dallas Mavericks. Second and third in the tiebreaker went to Miami and Sacramento, respectively.
  • The Orlando Magic (42-40) won a tiebreaker with the Brooklyn Nets.
  • The Indiana Pacers (48-34) won a tiebreaker with the San Antonio Spurs and the LA Clippers. Second and third place in the tiebreaker went to San Antonio and LA, respectively.
  • The Oklahoma City Thunder (49-33) won a tiebreaker with the Boston Celtics.
  • The Portland Trail Blazers (53-29) won a tiebreaker with the Houston Rockets.

The 2019 Draft Lottery will be held on Tuesday, May 14thin Chicago. Under the new system, the odds at the top of the lottery have been levelled so that the three teams with the lowest regular-season winning percentages each have a 14 percent chance of receiving the No.1 overall pick.


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