NBA Playoff Betting

NBA Playoff Betting

NBA Playoff Gambling: Where to Throw Your Dollars

Along with NBA Draft Props, NBA Series are my favourite to bet on. Why? Because you know teams are all-in. There is no calculating, resting, tanking; none of that. Betting on a series also eliminates a lot of the volatility associated with game-to-game betting. Simply put, these are some of the best opportunities of the NBA season to make money.

Here are a few of my best NBA Playoff Bets. (Note: odds are from Bet365 and BetWay)

Oklahoma City Thunder to Win vs. Against Blazers (-170 / 1.61)

I must admit that I am surprised by this price, as I thought it would be closer to even money. The bookmakers are really underrating the Blazers, who will have home-court advantage in this series and finished 4 games above the Thunder in the regular season. With that said, I don’t like this series for the Blazersat all. The Thunder swept the regular season series 4-0, in large part to their stout defence. The issue with the Blazers is that they rely far too heavily on Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum, and don’t get enough production from the rest of their team. An elite defence like the Thunder’s zeroes in on the Blazers backcourt, forcing the rest of the team to do the heavy lifting and that’s where the issues begin. Again, the price isn’t great, but the Thunder should get the job done here in 6 games.

Milwaukee Bucks to Win Series 4-0 vs. Pistons (+175 / 2.75)

This Pistons team has no business being in the playoffs. They literally hobbled into the playoffs, playing very poorly down the stretch. On top of that Blake Griffin is banged up and won’t be 100%. They got swept by the Bucks in the regular season, and I fully expect a 4-0 sweep in the first round too. The Bucks are the far more talented team on both ends of the court and should have little trouble with the Pistons. I’m very pleased with the odds and expect them to drop in the next day or two.

Denver Nuggets TO WIN Game 1 and WIN the Series (-138 / 1.72)

The price on the Nuggets to simply win the series isn’t great so I feel as though this is a good alternative. First, the Nuggets had the best home record in the NBA this year at 34-7 and second, game 1 of this series could be pivotal. The Spurs, though experienced and well-coached, performed very poorly on the road this year and lack the firepower of previous years. I expect the Nuggets to take Game 1 here and go on the win the series.

Brooklyn Nets +2.5 Series Handicap vs. 76ers (-118 / 1.85)

Basically, this bet means that the Brooklyn Nets have to win at least two games in this series; something I think they are more than capable of. The Nets are coming into this series with full of confidence and with zero pressure; a very dangerous combination. The 76ers, on the other hand, may be without Joel Embiid for the first few games, and have tons of pressure on them. These two teams split the season series and I expect this to be the most competitive first round series in the East. While I don’t believe the Nets can the series, I do think they will at least win 2 games, and -118 is a reasonable price to make


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