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NBA Players are All Starting to Rock Ninja Headbands

Just when we thought headbands were a thing of the past with fewer and fewer NBA players wearing them, “ninja” headbands have become a thing recently and are being adopted by more and more players.

If you’ve watched the NBA this year, you’ve probably noticed these weird cloth strings falling down player’s necks, and wondered to yourself, what are those things? Unlike traditional headbands, these seem lighter and more adjustable.

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Jrue Holiday is one of the pioneers of this new ninja headband movement and credits tennis for the discovery. “My dad used to love watching tennis,” Holiday explains. “I started watching too and fell in love with players like Nadal and how they play. From there, I started playing occasionally, noticed that Nadal wore the headband and that’s where it all started.” He also credits his wife Lauren Holiday, a US Olympic soccer and a bunch of other WNBA players who have been wearing them for a long time.

Another well known ninja headband trendsetter is Montrezl Harrell. He credits hall of famer Allen Iverson. “On the court, there was no one like Iverson. He taught me copying others was way less valuable than finding your own way. That’s why I try to make my style my own thing. I feel best when I’m most like myself,” he says.  In general, he likes the way it looks and it fits, especially with the extra weight of his long hair.

These new headbands seem to be part of this broader movement of NBA players trying to be different via their fashion. Jrue Holiday mentions that a lot of older players teased him. “Andre Iguodala used to ask me what was on my head all the time, but he’s an old dude,” says Holiday.

If you like what you see, Nike has capitalized on the movement and actually sell these ninja-style NikeCourt Dri-FIT 2.0 headband’son their website. You can check them out on their website.


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