Responding to His Critics

Westbrook Responds to Critics

Thunder Star Russell Westbrook Speaks Out Amid Latest Backlash

It didn’t take long for Russell Westbrook to respond. Following a third consecutive first-round exit, the Thunder point guard has received a barrage of (warranted) criticism, with many questioning his attitude, basketball IQ, and inability to lead a championship contender.

“I know what I am able to do at a high level every night and nobody else can do what I do on a night-in, night-out basis…if they could, I’m pretty sure they would but I know for a fact that nobody can,” an annoyed Westbrook said.

“I used to be called a ball hog, but now I lead the league in assists so that’s getting squashed out. Now the conversation is about shooting, so next year I’m going to become a better shooter,” Westbrook vowed.

“When you do so much at a high level, a lot of haters some,” he said. “That’s how life is, man. That’s life. When you do so much, people going to try to pull and take away and try to take that away from you. But nobody can take away from me. I’ve been blessed, and I stay prayerful, stay thankful to be able to do what I’m able to do.”

It’s difficult to understand what Westbrook is going on about. Simply put, he underperformed this season and had a poor showing in the series against the Blazers, especially in Game 5, where he went 11/31, made very questionable game management decisions, and took ill-advised shots with the game on the line.

Wouldn’t it be easier for him to own up to his play and stop adding fuel to the fire?

Either way, Westbrook is already focused on next year saying there is “a lot of room for improvement and that he expects a lot of himself.” He also commends Paul George “for an excellent season” and says the most important thing is there friendship and brotherhood off the floor.


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