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Betting on the Underdog: The Raps Dominating Amongst American Fans

In the finals, we have an American team squaring off against a Canadian one, thus it would be logical to expect Canadian fans to cheer for the Raptors and American fans to cheer for the Warriors, right? Wrong.

BetOnline produced a map showing that 47 of 50 states are rooting for the Raptors!

California, Nevada and Hawaii are the three American states cheering on the Warriors, while the rest of America is pulling for the Raptors. According to a BetOnline source, “the map is based on geotagging data Twitter that examines how often a fan hashtags things like #WeTheNorth for the Raptors and #DubNation for the Warriors, in each state.

So, why is this the case? First off, it’s not as though the Raptors play some fascinating, super-exciting brand of basketball to garner all of this support. They do have a superstar in Kawhi Leonard, but at its core, this is a team that prides itself on defense and on a team-oriented, fundamentally sound style of play.

The bigger explanation here is that most NBA fans are simply tired of the Warriors, and want to see the underdog dethrone them. The Warriors seem to be part of the group of American sports teams that fans love to hate, along with the New York Yankees, Dallas Yankees, New England Patriots and Duke men’s basketball.

So unless you’re in California, Nevada or Hawaii for the next few weeks, expect to see a lot of Raptor support across North America!


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