Best Finals Bets


Cash Out from the 2019 NBA Finals

We’ve reached the end. Through all of the cliffs and valleys of the NBA betting season, the finals have arrived. At this point in time, you aren’t going to get rich betting the finals, however there are a few markets to market that could lead to some profit.

Here are my best bets for the NBA Finals: (Note: Odds are from Bet365)

Warriors To Win From Behind (2.75 / +175) 

I really want to take the Raptors to win this series and I really believe they can put up a good fight and I REALLY like the odds…but I just can’t do it. The best I can do is pick them to be winning the series at some point. With this bet, we need the Raptors to take a lead during some point in the series and then for the Warriors to come back and win. I think we’re getting great odds here.

Stephen Curry To Be Named Finals MVP (1.66 / -150)

Obviously, this is one of the safer bets you could make. If you believe the Warriors will win, which many do, then it will likely hinge on the play of Steph Curry. Especially with the questions surrounding Durant’s status, everything runs through Curry. If you really believe the Raptors can win the series, then you can get far better odds on Kawhi Leonard to be named Finals MVP, but at this point I think the far safer option is to put your money on Steph.

Player To Score Most Points in Series : Kawhi Leonard (2.05 / +105) 

The sooner Kevin Durant comes back, the more I love this bet. At this point, my best guess is that he comes back for game 3. When he does come back, I think it’s fair to assume Steph Curry’s scoring will decrease. Even if the Warriors try and take the ball out of Kawhi’s hands, I think he can still put up at least 20-25 points per game.  Again, this bet largely depends on Durant’s status. There is still 3 days until Game 1; if reports come out that he may not play in the series or that he will miss more than 2-3 games, then I would not make this bet.


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