Betting on Drizzy


Wild Bets Can Be Made Ahead of Biggest Game in Raptors History

More interested in the antics surrounding Drake than Game 6 itself? Alternatively, do you feel like you have bigger edge on what Drake may do tonight, rather than what will transpire on the court? Welcome to 2019, where you could actually place bets on what Drake will do. I’m not sure whether this would be classified in the degenerative category, but regardless it does seem rather fascinating.

Online sportsbook BetOnline has a variety of betting options to capture your interest.  Here they are:

  • NBA on TNT cast to say “Drake” During Halftime Show?   Yes (+200)

Even though they mostly talk about the game and the players, with all of the hype surrounding Drake, I think it’s likely that Kenny Smith, Charles Barkley, Ernie Johnson and Shaquile O’Neal mention his name at least once.

  • Will Drake Touch Nick Nurse During Game 6 Broadcast? Yes (+300)

After the massage that generated so much buzz (and criticism), you have to wonder whether Drake will hesistate to put his hands on Nick Nurse again. If you think he will, you can earn a nice payday.

  • Giannis Antetokounmpo Speaks To Drake During Game 6? Yes (+400)

 We all know Giannis has publicly criticized Drizzy, but maybe if the Bucks lose, afterwards the two exchange pleasantries?

  • Will Drake Be Removed From Game 6 By Security? Yes (+900)

This is HIGHLY unlikely, as the odds indicate. Drake would probably have to get into a physical altercation to actually be removed from the game.

  • Will Drake’s Apparel Have a Hood? Yes (+100)

 Normally everything he wears has a hood?


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