Easing the Tension


Drama Surrounding Leonard’s Future Continues to Haunt Raptor Fans

Take a deep breath, Raptors fans.

I know, my heart almost stopped too, when I heard the video of Kawhi’s sister, where someone in the background said, “they know darn well he’s gone next year. She did go on to refute the point, albeit in a somewhat fishy manner, saying that it was her random friend in the background who made the comment.

We can breathe a sigh of relief today, as Kawhi’s uncle, Dennis Robertson, made some insightful comments. He first addressed the notion that Kawhi never wanted to be in Toronto in the first place, saying “It never had anything to do with the city of Toronto. Toronto is a beautiful city. Kawhi has often spoke highly of Toronto. It’s a beautiful place. That was just an initial reaction, which is normal. But we’re enjoying this run and looking forward to the Finals,” said Robertson.

Speaking specifically on free agency, he said that “I can’t get into other free agents and other teams, but for Kawhi, he’s going to take it one day and one game at a a time. We have a championship opportunity in front of us. We’re not thinking about free agency; it’s the Warriors (right now). Once we get through the season, we’ll turn out attention to free agency. But we’re just having fun right now. This has been a great year.”

The Raptors are in the finals and it’s a feeling of pure ecstasy and joy, but there is still a slight bit of uneasiness surrounding Leonard’s future, especially when videos like this circulate. At this point, all we can do is hope for the best, and support our team as they seek their first ever NBA Championship!


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