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The Financial Implications of Cracking and Missing an All-NBA Team

Obviously, the top NBA players have an ego and enjoy the recognition of being selected an All-NBA team, but in many ways, the bigger story may be the financial implications of being selected to these teams. Also, for smaller market franchises, like the Hornets, Bucks and Blazers hoping to hang on to their superstars, selection to an All-NBA team can be pivotal because it gives these teams the ability to offer supermax contract extensions.

Here are some of the numbers:

  • Giannis is now eligible to sign the largest contract in NBA history; five-year extension worth  $247.3 million in summer of 2020
  • Rudy Gobert is eligible for a huge 5-year supermax extension
  • Damian Lillard is not eligible for four-year, $191 million extension this summer & Kemba Walker is eligible to sign a five-year, $221 million extension on July 1

On the other hand, those not selected to All-NBA teams won’t be pleased today as they will be losing out on a lot of money.

  • Klay Thompson is set to miss out on $30 million
  • Karl-Anthony Towns will miss out on $32 million incentive by not making an All-NBA team

  • Bradley Beal is NOT eligible for a four-year supermax extension worth $191 million, which he would have been had he made the cut


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