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Los Angeles Lakers Willing to Dangle 4th Overall Pick in Trade

The Lakers came out of the lottery as one of the major winners of the night, jumping up seven spots to land the 4thoverall pick. GM Rob Pelinka has been quick to insist that the Lakers “are open for business” and that the 4thoverall pick is in play.

“This is a powerful asset for us,” he said. “We owe a commitment to our fans to have an outstanding season next year. What this does is it gives us the ability to either select an impact player at four or possibly use it as an extremely valuable asset in a trade.”

The most obvious move this opens up is a sweetener in a potential Anthony Davis deal with the Pelicans. “I think it’s an extraordinary shift for us,” Pelinka said, “I mean, top-five pick in the draft, if you go back in the history and study them, those picks can alter and impact franchises.”

With all of this said, the Lakers will still be evaluating prospects. Even though there is a drop-off after the top 3 picks, there are several intriguing lottery prospects that could turn into stars, or at least impact players. The Lakers could also of course trade down and acquire additional resources in doing so.

The most likely scenario is that the pick will be moved. If it isn’t enough to entice the Pelicans then perhaps the Lakers will pursue a lower-tier star like Bradley Beal. Rob Pelinka will be a busy man in the coming weeks, fielding phone calls and determining what the Lakers best move is.


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