Porzingis Involved in Altercation


Mavericks Star Kristaps Porzingis Jumped in Home Country of Latvia

If you’re a Dallas Mavericks fan, you want Kristaps Porzingis rehabilitating and preparing for a big bounce big season next year, not bloodied up after what looked to be a pretty violent altercation.

Porzingis was reportedly attacked at a club in his hometown of Liepaja, Latvia. “It is our understanding that Kristaps was jumped and assaulted outside of a club in Latvia. We will provide an update when one is available,” the Mavericks said in a statement.

It sounds as though Porzingis was attacked by a group of Russians, angry about his departure from the New York Knicks.

A video of the aftermath of the incident went viral, showing Porzingis with a gash on his head and a torn shirt. Porzingis was believed to be hit in the head with a chair but did not suffer any significant injuries.

The Latvian is entering restricted free agency but the Mavericks have made it clear that they plan on signing him to a five-year maximum contract this summer.


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