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Coaches Challenge to be Implemented in the NBA?

With the constant arguing and disputing of calls in the NBA lately, might it be time to bring in the coaches challenge? After all, the NFL, MLB and NHL have all had the system in place for years, while the NBA has given their referees maximum autonomy.

Discussions have picked up recently about a new challenge system. Some NBA GMs want everything to be available to be challenged, including fouls, while others prefer only non-judgment calls such as out-of-bounds plays, goaltending and whether a shot was a two-pointer or three-pointer to be challengeable.

The concern is how this would affect the pace of play. Many fans suggest that there are too many stoppages as is and any more would completely slow the game down. To combat this, the NBA is proposing having a replay official potentially sitting at the scorer’s table during games, reviewing plays as they occur.

This would allow certain determinations to be made almost instantly without having to stop play and would also eliminate the need for officials to huddle up and determine which plays should be reviewed.

I am of the belief that the NBA does need some sort of challenge system because it is unfair to expect referees to get every decision correct. With a replay official on the sidelines, team’s can challenge if they wish and in the end the correct call can emerge without long stoppages.


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