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Referee Report Concedes Curry Travelled on Final Warriors Possession

Raptors fans will vividly remember the heartbreaking Andre Iguodala three-pointer to basically end the game with 6 seconds left.

What they may not remember is what led up to it.

Namely, prior to Steph Curry almost throwing the ball away to Shaun Livingston, the NBA Last 2 Minute (L2M) report has found that Curry lifted his pivot foot with 15.3 seconds remaining and should have been called for a travel!

Video replay showed that Curry committed a travelling violation. The ball should have never ended up in Iggy’s hands for a wide-open three and the Raptors should have had the ball with 15.3 seconds left with a chance to tie or win the game! Should’ve, would’ve, could’ve, right?

Raptors fans were incredibly annoyed with the officiating of the game to begin with, and this L2M report will only aggravate them even more. At the same time, however, the L2M report showed that the Raptors got away with a pair of traveling violations in the 4thquarter, when Pascal Siakam (44.5 seconds remaining) and Kawhi Leonard (36.8 seconds remaining) also lifted their pivot feet while in possession of the ball.

This is all goes to say that referees are not perfect and there will always be some missed calls. Game 3 goes Wednesday night in Golden State; let’s hope the Raptors get a better whistle this time around.


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