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Monster Energy Files Lawsuit Against the Toronto Raptors Over Logo

There’s the battle onthe court with the Warriors we all know about. Then there’s now also a battle in the court with energy drink powerhouse, Monster.

In somewhat bizarre fashion, Monster Energy has filed a lawsuit arguing that the Raptors logo infringes on Monster’s claw brand. Documents filed with the U.S. Patent Office’s trial and appeal board show that Monster believes the Raptors logo is too similar to their own.

The Monster logo features three jagged vertical gashes, predominantly in the colour green with a black background. Since 2014, the Raptors logo has been a basketball with three diagonal claw gashes.

“Monster has sold billions of dollars worth of goods under its mark,” say the company’s documents. Monster will be damaged by registration of the Raptors in that the mark will dilute the distinctive qualities of Monster’s mark… and will lesson the ability of Monster’s mark to distinguish its goods.”

Objectively speaking, I am no legal expert, but I don’t think Monster has much of a case here. Sure, both logos feature these claw-like gashes, but one logo doesn’t necessarily resemble the other. Stranger things have occurred, but in my view, the Raptors should get the win in court as well!


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