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Drake, LeBron Join Forces to Reshape Canadian Sports Media Landscape

LeBron James is looking to make a global impact, not just a national one.

Enter Drake.

Together, the two moguls will look to partner up to reshape the entire landscape of sports media in Canada. The duo have announced that they plan to bring Uninterrupted, a digital platform for athletes, up north of the border. James started the platform back in 2015 and Drake is a part owner.

“I think it’s complementary, but it’s also a bit of a disruptor,” said Scott Moore, the former president of Sportsnet and currently the CEO of Uninterrupted, on Tuesday. “In trying to describe it to people it’s not a TV channel, it’s not a website, it’s not a Twitter feed. It’s a brand, it’s a content ecosystem that can appear anywhere.

“It might appear in a podcast, it might appear on Instagram, it might appear on YouTube, it might appear on a television channel. But it’s the content ecosystem and the brand itself that drives the content.”

Former Toronto Blue Jays Marcus Stroman and Toronto Raptors’ Serge Ibaka will look to take part in the revolutionary initiative and Moore believes that NHL players are the next way of athletes to jump on the Uninterrupted bandwagon. In other words, the possibilities are endless.

“Obviously, it’s a gigantic advantage. The doors that open when you have two partners like that, the people that want to be involved with the platform when you’ve got two partners like that, the possibilities are endless,” said Moore. “In Canada, where there is no other brand like this, we’ve got a little bit of green field for a bit. I’m sure there will be others.

“You’ve got the biggest musician in the world and, arguably, the biggest professional athlete in the world, it makes for a strong brand, that’s for sure.”

James and Drizzy are taking over.


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