Lacking the Talent


Lack of Talent Creating Early Issues for the Raptors in Summer League

Let’s be frank.

More often than not, contending teams – or in the Raptors case – championship-winning team, the NBA Summer League is a rough go. The roster isn’t as talented, offensive playmaking comes at a premium, and with it, losses start to pile up.

The Raptors aren’t the first team to run into this issue and even after a rough 0-2 start to their unofficial 2019-20 year, it will be important for the Raptors brash to find promise in the little things over these next few weeks. Yes, the lack of talent is very easy to see on display in the Raptors first two games against the Golden State Warriors and San Antonio Spurs.

Without a doubt, Chris Boucher is the best player on the roster.

He is long and athletic, yet he is really missing the bulk he needs to establish himself as a legitimate NBA player. Nevertheless, he has shown the ability to put the ball on the floor early on in Summer League and is figuratively speaking, a shooting threat as well. The drop-off from Boucher to the next best thing is pretty sizeable.

Malcolm Miller has all the tools to become at the very least, an average 3-and-D player, yet to this point, he has continued to struggle with establishing a niche for himself. His horrendous shooting through two games will not help his case much either. Jordan Loyd has shown the ability to find his own offense, albeit against inferior competition, yet has struggled to really create any sort of fluidity for the Raptors offense.

The other name of interest is the Raptors only selection in the 2019 Draft.

At times, Dewan Hernandez has looked out of place, which could just be a product of being out of competitive basketball for a year due to NCAA sanctions. Often times he struggles making the correct basketball play, but the size and body is NBA ready and Hernandez has shown a fairly nice touch around the basket. It’s hard to expect a 59th overall pick to have all the tools, which Hernandez clearly does not have, but there is something there to work with, which will keep him at the Raptors developmental grounds with the 905 for the majority of this coming season.

Despite the obvious lack of firepower, the Raptors have consistently played hard and stuck to their defensive roots. The coaching has been Nick Nurse-esque as well when switching to a 2-3 zone nearly helped the Raptors make a miraculous Summer League comeback against the Spurs.

Now, let’s see some Box-and-1 in Game 3.


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