Concern for Kyrie?


Brooklyn Nets Concerned with All-Star Kyrie Irving’s Mood Swings

Earlier in the week there were reports that concerns are starting to grow around Kyrie Irving’s attitude.

Supposedly, during the Brooklyn Nets’ trip to China, an incident occurred that left Nets officials in shock as Irving’s alleged mood swings began creating some friction within the organization. Since his ugly divorce from the Cleveland Cavaliers, Irving’s behaviour has come under fire from many around NBA circles and the concern reached an all-time high last season when Uncle Drew appeared to be one of the main culprits for the Boston Celtics collapse.

Despite rumours, Nets Head Coach Kenny Atkinson shot down the chatter on Wednesday.

“That is completely false. In strictly speaking in my observation and my experience with him so far, it’s absolutely not true … from my perspective, I give Kyrie an A-plus in his consistency and his spirit,” said Atkinson.

Moreover, Atkinson went onto say that the addition of Irving has only helped him become a better coach.

“It’s easier coaching a great player. It just is. Everybody says how hard it is, and maybe I’m naive. But I think it’s great and we’ve had great one on one conversations. We have great film sessions with the team. He’s given me great feedback. He’s really helped me on two or three things that have helped the team get better,” added Atkinson.

To take a step back, if Irving does in fact struggle with mood swings, the situation must be taken very seriously by the Brooklyn Nets organization. While this is a story that the national media will more than likely use to question Irving’s superstar status and ability to lead a team, if Irving is dealing with mental health problems, it most certainly must be addressed.

Mental health is a serious matter and it is up to the Nets to assure that its players have the right resources around them to seek help.


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