NBA Live 20 Cancelled


EA Sports to Hold Off on Releasing Another NBA Live Video Game

For the fourth time in the past decade, EA Sports has chosen to pull the plug on another NBA Live.

Earlier on Wednesday during an earnings call, the company announced that they have canceled¬†NBA Live 20,¬†citing plans for a “difference approach”. Nevertheless, CEO Andrew Wilson claimed that the company is working towards releasing a new project right around the All-Star Weekend in what should be expected to be “an experience designed around new ways for players to engage, connect and create through basketball.”

Wilson’s entire statement on the matter was the following:

“That will include our plans for NBA Live. With great support from the NBA and NBPA, we had been working on an innovative new direction for our game timed with the All-Star weekend – an experience designed around new ways for players to engage, connect and create through basketball.

Now, with greater understanding of the new platforms and what they can power – bringing social connections accessibility, and player creativity to the forefront – we feel we can go so much further with the new design.

So we’ve decided not to ship an NBA Live game in FY20. Instead we’re expanding our vision for NBA Live, and continuing to work closely with our NBA and NBPA partners on this new project that we’ll share more details on next year.”

With the popularity of NBA 2K growing exponentially each year, it appears that the NBA Live franchise must make some definite adjustments before releasing another game.


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