Improve Your Shot


Become a Better Three-Point Shooter in Four Quick Steps

You’re a baller.

Definitely got some skills to work with. You can take the ball to the hole, you put the clamps on your opposition, and you’re a dribbling wiz. But there is one glaring hole in your game – your three-point shot.

It’s 2019 and everyone is shooting threes except for you.

If Aron Baynes of the Phoenix Suns is making a name for himself behind the arc, and you can’t hit a consistent shot from beyond the three-point line, then some adjustments must be made. Let’s be real, it’s probably time for you to reconsider what you’re doing, take a step back, and make a necessary change.

Look no further, because BallnRoll is here to help you fix your outside shot!

Tip #1: Get your work done before the ball gets to

  • When catching the ball, don’t get caught standing upright and then get into your shot. Instead, you should be in a down and ready position when the ball is coming to you. This will allow you to step or hop into your shot, enabling you to get your shot off quicker.

Tip #2: Strong base and jumping straight up and down

  • A strong and balanced base will allow you to jump straight up when you shoot the ball. Without a solid base, you’re more likely to drift away from the basket when shooting. Maintaining a strong base helps reinforce correct shooting form. The only time you should be drifting or fading away is if you are doing it on purpose to get your shot off over a defender.

Tip #3: Shoot the same way every time

  • Use the same shooting form in practice as you do during a game. That means that when you practice your shot, you need to lock in and shoot at game speed. The reason why is that you are developing muscle memory, and it is counterproductive to practice it multiple ways. Come into your shot and shoot the same way every time.

Tip #4: Finish your shot

  • Too many players shoot the ball but don’t follow through, or they land off balance. Stay in your shot until it makes or misses. The goal is to land in the same spot from where you jumped; this will help you determine if you’re getting your body squared on the shot.


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