Multi-Sport Athletes


Playing Multiple Sports Will Help You Stand Out on the Basketball Court

Think Steve Nash or Toni Kukoc.

Yes, they’re both international legends when it comes to basketball, but they both have something in common. They didn’t just grow up playing basketball, they played soccer as kids as well. While many kids focus on one sport all year round, Nash and Kukoc were multi-sport athletes growing up.

It’s something you see a lot of in sports today.

Just look at Toronto Raptors own Pascal Siakam and Terence Davis. One grew up playing soccer while the other played football and even received a scholarship to play football at Ole Miss, an SEC Division I program. Playing multiple sports as kids only aids in a child’s development.

Steve Kerr touched on something interesting this week, referencing to how soccer players are better passers. Moreover, having a soccer background allows players to move well on the court.

“If I was the czar of American basketball I would make every player coming through the youth basketball program play football … It translates directly (to hoops). The problem in basketball today the young players are coming up and they just try to beat everyone one-on-one with the dribble. They’re unbelievably gifted dribbling the ball but they don’t understand how to pass and to move. Which is what football would teach them,” said Kerr recently.

Kerr pointed to Kukoc as a fine example.

“Players who played soccer growing up, they’re better passers. Steve Nash. Unbelievable passer. Toni Kukoc was a beautiful passer … And there’s no question in my mind that he was influenced by football. (Kids) understand the concept of triangles. They understand the concept of passing the ball, and cutting behind the man defending. That’s what football is. Find the angles, creating opportunities, creating scoring chances.”

Play multiple sports growing up kids, do not be one dimensional.

Be versatile.


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