Rockets Lose Protest


NBA Denies Houston Rockets’ Protest, Disciplines Three Officials

On Monday, the NBA announced that Adam Silver has denied the Houston Rockets protest stemming from their 135-133 double-overtime defeat to the San Antonio Spurs back on December 3.

With 7;50 remaining in the fourth quarter, James Harden stole the ball and converted on a dunk, but due to the force of the slam, the ball miraculously propelled around the basket after going in and bounced off the rim before dribbling out of bounds. The San Antonio Spurs received possession and would fight back to force overtime.

The Rockets asked the NBA to either award the team the victory, or to replay the final 7:50 minutes at a later date.

Despite agreeing that the referees misapplied the rules, commissioner Silver believed the Rockets had ample time to overcome the official’s error and maintain their 102-89 fourth quarter lead.

The game will therefore go down as a loss for the Rockets, while the three referees officiating the game have all been disciplined for misapplying the Coach’s Challenge rules.


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