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NBPA to Prioritize Helping Players With Outside Business Ventures

Professional athletes are smarter now than ever before.

There are far more resources available, far more information, and more opportunity outside of the basketball world. For many NBA players, preparing for life after basketball has become an incredibly hot topic over the past number of years.

Players such as Kevin Durant, Andre Iguodala, and LeBron James all have external business ventures and investments that will keep them occupied far beyond the spans of their NBA career. NBA players are now way more business minded and tech savvy and are looking to get their foot in the door with some of the fastest growing technological companies in the world. In an effort to help the players, the NBPA is creating an accelerator program that would benefit their business ventures.

“Our members are more than basketball players. They are investors, businessmen, entrepreneurs and stewards of their personal brands,” union Executive Director Michele Roberts said in a statement. “This program will provide additional resources to grow their businesses in a creative and competitive environment.”

The program itself will offer select player-led companies with benefits and assistance for business growth.


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