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Who Are the Top 10 Most Likely Players to Get Moved at the Deadline?

The NBA Trade Deadline is very quickly approaching.

February 6th is a bit over two weeks away and contending teams are looking to wheel and deal to boast their postseason chances. Moreover, rebuilding teams are eager to acquire long-term assets in the form of youth, salary relief, and draft picks to help spearhead a bright future.

This deadline should be just as exciting as any other one with many high level players bound to be moved.

With the clock ticking, BallnRoll has put together a top-10 list of players most likely to get moved by the deadline, while also projecting their landing spots. So without further adieu, we kick off at number 10!

10. Kevin Love – Cleveland Cavaliers

Let’s pretend Kevin Love’s massive contract doesn’t exit.

There would be an entire lineup at Cleveland’s door, asking for a price tag on the former All-Star forward. But now, let’s return to reality and understand that Love is owed $90-million over the next three seasons. It’s an incredibly difficult contract to move and realistically, the Cavaliers will not receive exactly what their hoping for once they find a way to move Love out of town.

Love will get traded once the Cavs come to terms with that reality.

  • Prediction: Portland Trailblazers

9. Markieff Morris РDetroit Pistons 

Cheap contract, check. Versatile defender, check. Can shoot the three, check. Provides toughness and grit for a playoff contending team, check and check.

Much like his twin brother, Markieff Morris will always be an assets for a winning team simply because of all the the things he brings for a team, some of which don’t show up on the box score. He is only owed $3.2-million this season and has a $3.4-million player option for next year – essentially, this is his walk year.

A versatile player who is not worth a ton on the market will generate a ton of trade buzz.

  • Prediction: Los Angeles Lakers

8. Davis Bertans – Washington Wizards

In the midst of his best career season, Bertans is a free agent come this offseason and is this deadline’s version of what Nikola Mirotic was last season.

He is a stretch-four who can shoot the three, he can rebound, but it isn’t his strong suit, and defensively, he doesn’t provide much. Nevertheless, he will provide a championship team with spacing, size, and a legitimate three-point shooting threat at a solid price tag. Through 33 games, Bertans is averaging 15 points per game, while shooting 42.8-percent from long range.

He also boasts a 62.2-true shooting percentage for all you analytics nerds out there.

  • Prediction: Philadelphia 76ers

7. Kyle Kuzma – Los Angeles Lakers

Kyle Kuzma has come on strong over the past couple of weeks, especially in the absence of superstar big man Anthony Davis.

It is still very possible that the Lakers retain the 24 year old forward at the deadline, but at this point, Los Angeles has some holes to fill with little asset capital that would spark the interest of opposing teams. Kuzma may be the only young piece the Lakers have in their possession that can allow them to acquire an upgrade in the short-term.

  • Prediction: Detroit Pistons

6. Andre Drummond – Detroit Pistons

Unlikely to opt in to his player option for next year, Andre Drummond is a premium rebounder entering free agency.

To this point, the Pistons have been unable to fetch an offer that includes a first round pick, but with the high chance that Drummond walks in the offseason, Detroit will need to settle for less. While he lacks offensive versatility, Drummond is an exceptional rim protector and has always been an above average defender.

He is an athletic big who moves well for a big man and can be a worthwhile rental for a championship contender.

  • Prediction: Los Angeles Clippers

5. J.J. Redick РNew Orleans Pelicans

Redick’s streak of reaching the playoffs is in serious jeopardy in New Orleans, but things can still be salvaged.

The sharpshooter has been a model of consistency for the entirety of the past decade. One of the game’s greatest shooters, Redick is exceptional moving without the basketball and provides the spacing that every playoff contending team is hungry for. Moreover, he has an affordable contract and is signed on through next season.

  • Prediction: Toronto Raptors

4. Derrick Rose – Detroit Pistons

Derrick Rose still got it and it’s awesome to watch.

While many teams are out there looking for shooters, Rose can provide teams with an additionally playmaker just in time for a postseason run. The athleticism and explosiveness isn’t quite like it was, but Rose definitely still got some magic in him. He can still score and can create his own shot when necessary – a somewhat of a lost art in the NBA today.

The Pistons are eager to re-set, meaning Rose will certainly be available for the right price.

  • Prediction: Los Angeles Lakers

3. Andre Iguodala – Memphis Grizzlies

Andre Iguodala hasn’t played a single game this year, but that doesn’t mean the Memphis Grizzlies haven’t been getting any calls from interested suitors.

Iguodala is simply put, a winning player with a high-IQ and the ability to immediately make an impression both on and off the floor. In the postseason, having a player like Iggy can only benefit a team with championship aspirations. He remains a versatile perimeter defender and a capable shooter, and while the Grizzlies are reluctant to buy him out, a second round pick may suffice their interests.

  • Prediction: Milwaukee Bucks

2. Robert Covington – Minnesota Timberwolves

Shooting better than he ever has in his career, Robert Covington remains a solid defensive player.

While, not the same player he was defensively just a couple of years ago, Covington can still become a crucial piece to a championship puzzle. The veteran 3-and-D wingman has an affordable contract through 2021-22 and is currently shooting the ball at a nearly 35-percent clip from long range. He also boasts 57.2-true shooting percentage while averaging 12.7 points per game.

Players with the skillset of Covington will always be sought after at this time of year.

  • Prediction: Philadelphia 76ers

1. Marcus Morris – New York Knicks

Experiencing a career renaissance, Marcus Morris is in the midst of a career year at age of 30.

He is averaging a career-high 19.0 points per game, while shooting a career-best 45.7-percent from long range. Similar to his twin brother, Markieff, Marcus also brings the intangibles with him – a gritty player that adds toughness and a winning mentality to a team with title goals. With an expiring contract, the Knicks may be able to get quite a bit of asset capital in a trade involving Morris and any team will only benefit with his presence.

If Morris is able to continue this high level of play with a deeper team, acquiring him could turn into a deadline steal.

  • Prediction: Houston Rockets


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