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Exclusive Interview with Philadelphia Sixers Guard Josh Richardson

He was the 40th name called during the 2015 NBA Draft, yet very quickly, Josh Richardson has found success and a true niche within the NBA.

After spending four seasons at the University of Tennessee, Richardson made a name for himself on the Miami Heat, an organization known for developing the unlikeliest success stories. Similar to many others who have been part of the Heat system, Richardson grew into a capable scorer and combo guard. Now, a member of the Philadelphia 76ers, Richardson has taken on a bigger role in the offense and has only continue to flourish.

To get a good sense of who Richardson was growing up, BallnRoll spoke to the 26 year old guard in an exclusive interview.

BallnRoll: Who did you look up to growing up? Was there anyone you tried to emulate on the court? Who was your basketball hero?

Jason Richardson: I didn’t really try to imitate anyone, but I was a Kobe fan and then the Thunder moved to Oklahoma City and I became a big Kevin Durant fan.

BnR: Did you do more than just watch the game, or did you study tape to possibly improve your game?

JR: When I was young, I was split between football and basketball. I just kind of watched it because I enjoyed it.

BnR: You grew up watching, like you said, Kobe and KD, but did you ever have a chance to study or see any games from [Charles] Barkley, Magic [Johnson], Patrick Ewing, John Stockton, or Gary Payton?

JR: I watched Hardwood Classics, stuff like that, but I mean that’s before my era so I didn’t really get a whole lot of it.

BnR: I’ll give you a name, give me a couple of words. Gilbert Arenas?

JR: Clutch. Agressive. I wish he could’ve played longer, but when he was playing, he was one of the best.

BnR: Allen Iverson?

JR: Loyal, great, and legendary.

BnR: Kevin Garnett?

JR: Vocal, tough, defense. Aggressive as well.

BnR: Who are some of the young guns of today who you watch and say, ‘this guy is going to be great’. Do you have anyone that you look at today?

JR: I like Ja Morant a lot, I think he’s really good. I like Kendrick Nunn, he’s also really good. Those two

BnR: Are you surprised by how Ja Morant adapted?

JR: It’s crazy how fast he’s adapted to the NBA game. He really put his imprint on that Memphis team.

BnR: Great, thank you J-Rich.

JR: No problem.


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