A Change has Come


With Pressure Mounting, NCAA to Let Players Profit of Their Likeness

It happened!

Behind the overwhelming public pressure and the news of three top high school recruits, including potential 2021 lottery pick Daishen Nix, opting to sign with the G League Select team, the NCAA has opted to announce a massive change.

Student athletes will get paid!

After years of controversy, legal battles, and public outcry, the NCAA’s Board of Governors has agreed to allow its athletes to profit off their likeness and “receive compensation for third-party endorsements”. The new rules will officially come into effect  starting in January of 2021 at the absolute latest.

“Times have changed,” Big East commissioner Val Ackerman said. “And we believe wholeheartedly college sports needed to change as well.”

Companies will now be permitted to hire college athletes to promote their products, athletes will be allowed to accept payments, and in an effort to compete with the growing interest in overseas and G League opportunities, the NCAA made an crucial call to protect its brand.

The age of taking advantage of young student athletes is coming to an end. Many athletes already arrive to Division I programs with self-created social media buzz and starting in 2021, they will be granted permission to grow their brands throughout their collegiate careers and into the pros.

An extremely important step has been taken!


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