No Joy, All Business


Golden State Warriors 2018 NBA Championship Victory was All Business

It’s truly difficult to comprehend what it’s like to be at the very top of the world.

Relating to how the Chicago Bulls felt at one point during The Last Dance documentary, the Golden State Warriors general manager Bob Myers and Head Coach Steve Kerr explained that the franchises 2018 NBA title was similarly more exhausting than joyous.

“The second time with Kevin [in 2018] it felt like, ‘Well, we just did what we were supposed to do, and great job. It wasn’t joy. I’m sure a lot of people felt differently. It wasn’t anybody’s fault. I think there’s just a weight to everything. And so I’m sure [the Bulls] felt that weight of everything, weight of relationships,” said Myers.

The Warriors earned their third championship in four years with a clean sweep over the undermanned Cleveland Cavaliers.

“To be honest, [the documentary] is just confirmation of what I was saying to our team all of last year and 2018. The whole messaging for the year was based on my experience with Chicago and feeling that level of fatigue [and] emotional toll that had been over the previous four years,” added Kerr.

With the overwhelming pressure to succeed with a powerhouse roster, Myers noted that maintaining positive relationships and controlling egos was the most difficult aspect of the season.

“Winning and doing it all together is really hard. And maintaining relationships is hard. … There’s a lot more ways for it to come apart than keep it together.”

Despite a down year, the Warriors are expected to be right back in the championship picture next season with Klay Thompson and Steph Curry healthy and back in the fold. As well, the Warriors are expected to draft early in the lottery in the upcoming NBA Draft.


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