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The Last Dance was the Perfect Documentary Released at the Perfect Time

I have no idea how long this quarantine has been going on for – not a single clue.

Eight weeks? Ten weeks? Maybe 12 weeks?

I really don’t know.

I’ve lost count, nor do I even feel the need to keep counting anymore anyways. It is almost as if time has become meaningless with every passing day merely merging into the next. Every day feels like a carbon copy of the one before it. It is a feeling unlike any other, but one that I surely share with thousands, if not millions – or even billions of people – as we all continue to navigate our way through what is the most strangest time period of the 21st century.

For sports fans like myself specifically, this global pandemic has showed us just how much we love sports – how integral sports our in our daily lives. With no timetable for its return and with so much still up in the air, we all needed something to help change our focus from the unknown.

Over the last five weekends, The Last Dance did exactly that.

Of course, no sane human being would ever deny that it was an incredible documentary, but moreover, this was something we all needed.

It was yet another example of how sport has once again brought us all together.

This time to remind us of one of the greatest dynasties in sporting history, spearheaded by one team that was led by one of the most legendary and polarizing athletes who transcended both sports and pop culture. Michael Jordan was bigger than sport of basketball.

Each episode was different in its own way. Each episode didn’t just highlight Jordan’s greatness in a different light, it emphasized the importance of the people around Jordan throughout his career. Whether it was his teammates, his coaches, his family, even his security guards who Jordan was able to form a close-knit relationship with, every individual received their own spotlight and deservedly so.

The Michael Jordan story would not be complete without mentioning the people instrumental in his rise to greatness.

The documentary perfectly summarized the importance of Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman. It highlighted how integral role players such as Toni Kukoc, John Paxson, and Steve Kerr were along the way. Finally, it emphasized how a coach of the calibre of a Phil Jackson was able to piece all the variables and egos together to create a dynasty which overcome countless obstacles and tribulations to reach the pinnacle of the basketball world on six different occasions.

Furthermore, the documentary did a great job at outlining some of the biggest moments in NBA history.

The Dream Team was vital for helping expand the NBA game worldwide. Jordan’s business partnership with Nike, which helped him rise to heights never before seen in sports. Jordan is not just an NBA great, Nike turned him into a brand that will continue to live on for generations. The documentary also shed light on the mentorship role that Jordan took on for Kobe Bryant and how Jordan helped give away for another basketball legend.

The Last Dance was perfect – in its substance and its timing. It helped fill a void that every sports fan need filled since sports went on a sudden hiatus. The gap was filled with a story that was truly beautiful and inspirational.

To this day Michael Jordan remains an icon and The Last Dance is his story.


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