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NBPA Expects to Play With No Fans Through Entirety of 2020-21 Season

As reported on Friday night, the NBPA held a call regarding the league’s return to play format.

The Kyrie Irving-led call included around 80 players and lasted for nearly two hours. Of those who were on the call, NBPA heads Chris Paul and Garrett Temple had a chance to speak to the players as well.

While the main point of order was the concerns over the NBA hoping to play out the season in a bubble city, the players seemed to believe that the NBA will not see fans in attendance until the 2021-22 season. In light of mass anti-racism protests throughout the Unite States, many players feel that entering isolation during this time is a disservice to social justice, and that now more than ever, the fight for social reform is more important than the game of basketball itself.

Interestingly, LeBron James was not present on the talk as he believes he can still impact society while playing out the season in Orlando, but many, like Irving feel differently.

The NBPA will surely have a follow-up call and while at this time, the league plans on beginning training camp in a weeks, things appear to be subject to change.


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