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How to Improve Your Basketball Game with Running Exercises?

Shooting, ball-handling, passing, and defense are all important skills that are necessary for succeeding on the basketball court, but before a baller focuses on honing specific skills they must improve the basics.

To find any sort of success on a basketball court, an athlete must have elite cardiovascular fitness, agility, the ability to stop on a dime, and to just flat out run. The game will not slow down for anyone, especially once an athlete climbs to more advanced levels of basketball. The ability to run hard and hustle on the hard floor is an invaluable tool that does not receive nearly the attention it deserves.

Until now.

No longer can we gloss over this incredibly important aspect of the game. Basketball is becoming more athletic and faster with each passing year and it is vital for up-and-coming athletes to not fall behind.

The following video is a great breakdown of exercises that you can do to improve your running ability, your agility, and your first step quickness. What’s better is these exercises require no equipment, just a few minutes of your time and desire to improve your game.



The overarching theme throughout the above video is that you have to understand how to run quickly and efficiently, but what does that even mean?

When it comes to basketball, athlete’s must be quick and loose on their feet. Foot speed is important, but what cannot be neglected is proper footwork, whether you are running up and down the floor, ball-handling, or trying to keep up on defense. To enhance footwork, much like any other skill, requires loads of practice until it becomes muscle memory.

If you want to be as fast as Russell Westbrook, John Wall, and Derrick Rose, you must not only train like the three aforementioned names but recover like them as well.

Recovery is a compulsory aspect of the entire process – in fact it may be the most important part.

When you workout, you breakdown muscle fibres and accumulate fatigue with which you grow a certain adaptation that you hope will translate in-game. If an athlete refuses to recover properly, the adaptation will never generate and the athlete will not be able to elevate his game on the floor.

It is crucial to not skip any steps and understand the process.

Whether you are doing something as simple as suicides or figure-8 drills, always remember the importance of recovery as well as hydration. Come prepared to your workouts with the necessary drink that holds the carbohydrates and electrolytes to fuel your workout and a separate drink with the protein that helps you recover. Value the importance of both sleep and other recovery techniques such as stretching.

Lastly, change it up.

Don’t get boring with your workouts and keep shocking the system. There is a wide range of different workouts that can accomplish your goals but it will require hustle and dedication so get to it and once this global pandemic ends, you will be the quickest baller on the hardwood.


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