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Slim Marc Gasol Set to Arrive to Orlando Ready for NBA Title Defense

Have you seen what Marc Gasol looks like right now?

The boy is SLIM!

Dude’s absolutely lean and ready to finish out the NBA season with the defending champion Toronto Raptors.¬†The 35-year old Gasol has always been a bit more thicker in stature as most centers are, but Raptor fans were absolutely shook when images of his incredible weight loss surfaced. He is nearly unrecognizable and while many fans may think the time away from the team training facilities may be the reason for the transformation, there seems to be a very logical reason behind Gasol’s madness.

In fact, multiple players have appeared to look more lean in recent weeks.¬†Nikola Jokic is incredibly lean – it’s remarkable, honestly. Kyle Lowry, who usually looks more stockier, has looked very lean in images of him at Philadelphia protests.

So, why are players doing this?

The reason may be not so much the lack of resources, but the return to play format. The NBA season is essentially a marathon, but with the hiatus, players are preparing for a full-out sprint. While thicker, bulkier builds may help players overcome the grind of a long season, a lean and more athletic build may be ideal for limiting injury and performing at their absolute best for the remaining handful of games.

That appears the be the reasoning behind Gasol’s transformation and without a shadow of a doubt, the Raptors big man will be ready to compete!


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