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You Won’t Believe What These Retired NBA Stars Are Doing Now!

Being an NBA player is not your regular 9-5 job.

While the hours are all over the place, there’s no question that professional athletes put in work all around the clock whether its in-season or the offseason.

Around game time, that is where most of the work is done.

Practices, workouts, community appearances, media responsibilities, even things as simple as resting and recovering to keep their bodies at peak condition. The NBA calendar year is an absolute grind which is a big reason why an NBA career is one defined by longevity. Eventually, it comes to an end – sooner rather than later – as there aren’t many who can survive in the league like the Vince Carters or the LeBron James of the world.

Upon retirement, many remain around the game of basketball.

A big number of players choose to work as commentators such as Chris Webber and Reggie Miller. Others, like Kendrick Perkins and Richard Jefferson, have opted to work on television as basketball analysts. Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson have their very popular basketball podcast and guys like Brandon Roy, Jerry Stackhouse, and Patrick Ewing have all opted to coach at various levels of the game, whether it is high school AAU, college, or the pro game.

That being said, there are a number of former players who chose to leave the game during the second part of their lives. While many are almost defined by basketball, not all retired players want to remain around the game forever and have therefore made interesting career choices.

So let’s take a look and see what retired NBA stars have been up to!

10. Vin Baker

Remember Vin Baker?

He was a former four-time All-Star who enjoyed a lengthy 12-year career. He isn’t in basketball anymore and has opted to return to his faith and work in his community as a pastor at his father’s church.

9. Darko Milicic

Maybe not really a star, Darko Milicic was a top-5 pick in the infamous 2003 NBA Draft.

Picked second in between LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony, the Detroit Pistons took a gamble on the Serbian big man with Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade still on the board as well. After an unsuccessful tenure in the NBA, which did include an NBA championship, Milicic returned to Europe where he took up MMA and even had a few professional bouts.

Now retired from all sports, Milicic is a farmer and resides in his native Serbia.

8. Karl Malone

One of the greatest big men of all time, Karl Malone was an absolute beast on the basketball court during the 1990s as a member of the Utah Jazz.

A Hall of Famer and most definitely an interesting character in his own right, Malone has chose to step away from the game following retirement and live a more low key lifestyle. While he is still a shrewd business man and invests in multiple local companies, Malone spends his time as a truck driver in Arkansas.

7. LaRue Martin 

Admittedly, he was never a big name as a player – far from it.

Those who have heard of LaRue Martin probably know that he is a former first overall pick from the Julius Erving and Bob McAdoo Draft. That is just about everything that people remember about Martin the basketball player who averaged 5.3 points per game across his four-year career.

Upon retiring back in the 1970s, Martin took a job as a driver with UPS and over the years was promoted as the company’s community services manager.

6. Shandon Anderson

A role player who spent a decade in the NBA, Anderson has removed himself from the game and entered culinary.

The former 6’6” forward now owns and operates his own restaurant, Drink Art. Not only does he operate the restaurant but he’s also one of the chef’s at the establishment. He ain’t doing too bad for himself, not at all!

5. Detlef Schrempf

A multiple-time All-Star in his hay day, Schrempf is one of the greatest international players in NBA history, yet since completing his Hall of Fame career, he has entered the world of business, leaving basketball behind.

Schrempf now works as a business development officer for Coldstream Capital Management. Very knowledgable in wealth management, Schrempf has taken his basketball success and translated it off the court.

4. Adrian Dantley

Dantley is one of the great scorers in NBA history, but after retiring, he took up an occupation that you probably didn’t think he’d be interested in. The Hall of Famer has decided to spend his time as a crossing guard, looking to help keep people in his community safe.

3. Charlie Ward

A former Heisman award winner in college, Ward was a star quarterback at Florida State, yet chose to play professional basketball instead of pursuing a career in the NFL. But after an underwhelming NBA career that spanned over a decade, Ward returned to his roots, turning down opportunities to coach in the NBA to coach football.

2. Shaun Kemp

A prominent name in the NBA throughout the 1990s, Kemp has turned into a savvy businessman following his playing career. He currently owns and operates Oskar’s, a bar located in Seattle as well is invests in a number of other local businesses. A Seattle Supersonics lifer, Kemp still does plenty of work in the Seattle community.

1. Steve Francis

Who can ever forget Stevie Franchise?

The former Houston Rockets superstar is no longer doing anything in basketball circles, but has found success in the music industry. Since retiring, Francis has started his own record label, Mazerati Music, and even had his own clothing label called We R One.


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