Christmas Miracle


NBA Considering Christmas Start, Canceling NBA All-Star Weekend

When is next season going to begin?

Couldn’t tell ya.

MLK day? Christmas Day? Some random day in the middle of February?

Who knows really.

What we do know is that the NBA has no real clue and don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. According to Shams Charania, a Christmas Day start is beginning to pick up some serious steam after MLK Day was the popular date literally just yesterday.

So yeah, who really knows at this point.

What we do know is the NBA is discussing the logistics of the upcoming season. COVID-19 doesn’t seem to be ready to go away just yet and with that comes the reality of playing games with no fans in arenas. With an extra nine teams in the fray, the chance of a central bubble seems unrealistic as well as the NBA is closing monitoring the success of the NFL and the MLB.

As far as the season itself, the league is proposing a 72 game regular season, which will once again involve a play-in tournament. The league is also hopeful that if the season is to begin on Christmas day, it will conclude before the start of the 2021 Olympic Games.

If you were hoping to attend the 2021 NBA All-Star Game well I have some bad news for you as there will almost certainly not be an All-Star Weekend next season.

In conclusion, global pandemics sucks.


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