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Gift Ideas for the Resident Sneakerhead in Your Life

Sneakerheads are some of the toughest people to shop for. It can be difficult to tell exactly what they want or need, and often times the sneakerhead in your life would love to get the latest hyped shoe release, but it will probably cost a pretty penny to gift them that ultra-hyped release.

For those of you that are struggling to find a gift for the sneakerhead in your life, here are five gift ideas that are sure to be appreciated by any sneakerhead in 2020.

1. Sneaker Houseslippers

Photo Credit: Aliexpress

They’re a bit of a gag gift, but the next best thing to a pair of Yeezys or Jordans are a pair of imitation house slippers right?! House slippers are so relevant, especially in 2020, where most of us spend a majority of time at home.

It’s highly likely that sneakerheads around the world haven’t really worn their coveted kicks much this year.

Having a nice pair of sneaker house slippers can help relieve the withdrawals many sneaker aficionados are currently experiencing from being cooped up at home.

They come in a variety of different models and are hilariously huge, so find out what grail sneaker your sneakerhead is hunting, and get them the house slipper version.

Bonus points if you wrap the house slippers in a shoebox of the actual shoe it’s imitating, which is bound to get a laugh from your fellow holiday celebrants!

2. Sneaker Shelving/Storage

Photo Credit: Amazon

Ok. So maybe you don’t want to joke around with your gifts this year. That’s completely ok! There are a ton of options out there that can actually be really useful for the sneakerhead in your life.

Another big theme of 2020 has been home redecoration and re-organization. A natural habit of sneakerheads is the hoarding of an absurd amount of sneakers. Sometimes, the home can look rather messy with all the shoes lying around.

Fortunately, you can provide them with an organized and stylish storage solution that can showcase all their cool kicks. These portable shoe racks are perfect alternatives to the popular drop-front shoe boxes, while also coming at a far more affordable price.

These shoe racks can be re-organized to any type of configuration, which makes them a versatile storage option for any room, big or small. A really thoughtful gift idea, especially if the sneakerhead in your life hasn’t bought into any type of stylish sneaker storage yet.

3. Sneaker Colouring Books

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The pandemic has definitely taken a toll on a lot of people, physically and mentally. A good way of easing a little bit of anxiety is to turn off the screens from time to time. Focusing on a hobby like reading, or creating art can be a satisfying break considering we are likely glued to some sort of screen 24/7 nowadays.

Sneaker colouring books are a great option, especially for your more artistic sneakerheads. These colouring books come in a variety of themes such as an all Jordans or Nike theme, to others that have many expensive sneakers to colour in.

Add in a nice set of pencil crayons to help kick start the process, and have the sneakerhead in your life take some time to rediscover their artsy side.

4. Sneaker Cleaners and Wipes

Photo Credit: GQ

Another theme that has really become a part of regular life in 2020 has been sanitization and overall cleanliness.

Hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes are almost always sold out in grocery stores, and the sneakerhead in your life would certainly appreciate getting a new set of sneaker cleaner and sneaker wipes in their stockings this year.

It would be especially handy to have the sneaker wipes ready on hand after coming from a rather crowded space.

After a thorough wipe down, they can come home and use their sneaker cleaner to finish the job, effectively getting rid of the dirt and dust that could remain.

For any sneakerhead, their kicks are the most important part of their outfit. If hand cleanliness has taken on a new importance in the world, why should sneakers be left out of the new norm?

5. A Pair of Custom Sneakers

Photo Credit:

All right, admittedly, when thinking of what to gift a sneakerhead, there really is no substitute for a fresh pair of kicks. The joy and euphoria that comes from first opening up a new pair of shoes is truly indescribable for the non-sneakerheads out there.

It’s likely that the sneakerhead in your life really wants a shoe that has recently dropped, was impossible to secure on release day, and is reselling at an insane price on the aftermarket.

If that’s a little out of your range, the next best thing, and arguably more thoughtful gift idea is to give them a pair of personally customized sneakers.

A variety of brands offer them in a multitude of different models, so it’s likely you can customize a model that they already love.

This gift also gives you the opportunity to showcase just how much you know the person receiving the sneakers by tailoring them exactly to their liking, everything from the colour selection to the personalized messages you can put on the sneakers, made possible by certain brands.

Some great options can be found on Nike, Adidas, and Vans.

Vans has an option where you can upload an image onto the sneakers, and they’ll print the image on the canvas, which is particularly unique.

Nike and Adidas offer some very classic and modern models that are sure to be enjoyed by any sneakerhead.

Regardless of What you Gift, It’s the Thought That Counts

It certainly hasn’t been the easiest year to get through, but now, more than ever, is the time to make it clear to your love ones that they are in your thoughts. Whether they’re far away, or close to home, giving one of these gifts to a sneakerhead is bound to give them all the warm and fuzzy feelings that are normally a part of the Holiday season.


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