Can’t Hurt to Ask


Golden State Warriors Reached Out to Rockets to Ask About Harden

It really can’t hurt to ask nowadays.

To hell with the salary cap, the Golden State Warriors are always looking to add superstar talent to an already loaded and cap-strapped roster.

So with that in mind, why not probe about one James Harden?

Harden has been linked to the Brooklyn Nets and Philadelphia 76ers all offseason, but according to Shams Charania of The Athletic, the Warriors have also done their due diligence and reached out to the Houston Rockets to ask about Harden’s availability. Talks have really slowed down on the Harden front in general and it seems that the conversation between the Warriors and Rockets was nothing more than a simple “what’s Harden worth?”, “go away”.

“I think you had several teams inquire,” Charania said. “The Warriors, at one point, made a call for James Harden. I heard that one a little bit before the injury to Klay.”

I for one would like to ask the Warriors personally to stop acquiring superstars so 29 other teams can compete and make for an interesting season.

Anyways, a swing and a miss, but ‘A’ for effort!


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