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A Look Back at the Top 10 Sneakers Releases of 2020

2020 was an eventful year, and this year’s sneaker drops are no exception. Brands threaded the needle with intriguing new silhouettes, collaborations, and designs, while also bringing back some classic models and introducing some modern classics to the sneaker game.

Here is a comprehensive list of 2020’s top sneaker releases from January to December. Full disclaimer, if you happen to purchase any of these shoes via the links we provided, a small percentage of the sale will be credited to the site.

#10. Kobe 6 Grinch – Dec. 24/2020

First up is the upcoming retro of one of the most iconic Kobes to ever release. The ‘Grinch’ colourway of the Kobe 6 was originally worn by Bryant in the 2010 Christmas game against the Miami Heat.

It’s become one of the most iconic Kobes ever due to it’s extremely loud and vibrant green colour scheme that matches the Dr. Seuss character it was unofficially named after.

Victor Decolongon / Getty Images

The Grinches are an essential for any Kobe fan, and they’re coming back on December 24th, just in time for Christmas. Pick up a pair early here.

#9. New Balance 327 x Casablanca – Nov. 20/2020

Casablanca / Sole Collector

Up next is a sneaker that blends the past and present together. The New Balance 327 takes inspiration from the brand’s running sneakers of the 1970s, and remixes it to create what they call “a modern classic.”

This specific model blends neutral tones of cream and white along with green and orange accents to bring a pop of colour to the sneaker. While the sneaker is currently sold out, you can purchase your own pair here.

#8. Ben & Jerry’s x Nike Dunk – May. 23/2020

The Ben & Jerry’s Nike Dunk was one of the most unexpected and unique sneaker collaborations to come out of 2020. The sneaker was appropriately nicknamed the “Chunky Dunky,” and the sneaker features a variety of colours to mimic a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream tub.

The sneaker also has cow hair on some panels, giving off a premium feel to the collaboration. Special promotional pairs even came in an ice cream tub. All in all, one of the most unique sneakers to release this year. If you’re interested in picking up your own pair, you can do so here.

#7. Peaceminusone x Nike Air Force 1 – Nov. 24/2020

G-DRAGON and Nike came back this year with a remix on their 2019 collaboration, releasing a predominantly white variant of the “Para-Noise” Air Force 1.

This pair also features the wear-away uppers that reveal personal artwork created by G-DRAGON himself. A simple collaboration on the surface, that encourages wear to diversify how the sneaker looks depending on the person wearing the sneaker. Find pairs of the “Para-Noise 2.0’s” here.

#6. Sacai x Nike Vaporwaffle – Nov. 13/2020

The Nike x Sacai partnership continues in 2020 after successful collaborations in 2019. The Vaporwaffles are the sequel to the original Sacai Waffles, and they build on the original design by continuing the motifs that made the og’s so popular.

The addition of more layers, colours, and different panels of materials bring the chunky aesthetic to new heights. The collaboration only continues to build momentum behind both brands, and more joint projects are bound for the future. Grab your pair of Vaporwaffles here.

#5. Jordan 1 Mocha – Oct. 31/2020

2020 was a big year for the Jordan 1. A bunch of colourways dropped, but the most popular among consumers by-far was the Mocha 1’s. It’s fairly rare to see Jordan’s release in a brown colorway, with only a handful of Mocha Jordans in existence.

The Jordan 1 takes the Mocha motif and adapts it to the black-toe colour blocking, creating a very wearable colourway that’s versatile for any type of style. Find pairs of the Mocha Jordan 1 here.

#4. Travis Scott x Nike Dunk – Feb. 29/2020

Travis Scott is one of the most popular collaborating artists as of late, and his collaborations with Nike are no exception. He’s released a couple different models with Nike in 2020, but none drew more buzz than the Nike Dunk.

Featuring a variety of patterns, rope laces, mis-matched swooshes, and the now iconic Travis Scott logo, this sneaker single-handled signalled the return of Nike Dunks to mainstream popularity. That alone warrants a spot on this list. Find yourself a pair of Travis Scott Dunks here.

#3. Nike Air Max III Radiant Red – Nov. 9/2020

Better known as the ‘Infrared 90s,’ an iconic classic saw its return in 2020. There’s not much to be said about the iconic silhouette designed by the legendary Tinker Hatfield.

There are a handful of sneakers every sneakerhead needs in their collection, and the Radiant Red Air Max III is one of them. Pick up a pair if you’re interested here.

#2. Off-White x Jordan 4 Sail – July. 25/2020

Woo Jin Hwang /

Virgil Abloh and Nike got back to creating even more of the most popular and iconic sneakers of the last three years. The Jordan 4 is one of the latest Jordans to receive the ‘off-white treatment,’ and the women’s exclusive sail colourway was the standout among all.

Taking one of the most popular Jordans of all-time and giving it to one of the most popular designers of the time is a surefire recipe for success. Purchase your pair with this link here.

#1. Aimé Leon Dore x New Balance 550 – Oct. 9/2020

Aimé Leon Dore

Taking the top spot on our list is a collaboration between Aimé Leon Dore and New Balance. The brands paired up to remix the New Balance 550 model, with ALD adding vintage hues throughout the model.

The sneakers resembled aged basketball shoes from the 80s, and with the retro-vintage wave hitting an all-time high in 2020, we couldn’t envision any other sneaker at the top of our list. Releasing in four colourways, there’s bound to be one pair that fits your own style and personality. Pick up a pair here if you’re interested.

Honourable Mention: Dior x Jordan 1 – July. 8/2020

Any list of 2020’s top sneakers is incomplete without the collaboration that nearly broke the internet. One of the most exclusive and expensive Jordans to ever release at retailers, the Jordan 1 Dior is a true example of how designer fashion and sportswear are completely intertwined in 2020.


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