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Toronto Raptors Reached Out to Rockets About Potential Harden Deal

It’s no secret the Toronto Raptors are struggling.

At 1-5, the offence has looked incredibly flat and outside of the strong play of Kyle Lowry, the remainder of the roster has lacked consistency and offensive fluidity.

Something must be done as the season goes on and it appears as though the Toronto Raptors have been monitoring the situation in Houston, engaging with the Rockets on the availability of their disgruntled superstar James Harden.

“If you look at the Raptors from the top view, you would say even though they’re 1-4, they’re defense is still performing,” Brian Windhorst of ESPN said. Well, even though you lost two really good defensive big men (Serge Ibaka, Marc Gasol), they’re defending at a level – that is where you want them defending. I think yesterday they were fourth in the league in defense. They’re offense has been horrible, just horrible – bottom 5. And so, you say, if you just defend and Norman Powell gets out of his funk, Pascal gets out of his funk, I’d expect O.G. to score more, you can sort of say that but that’s where they’re issue is – they don’t have that offensive firepower.

“They do have a really good team-defensive concept. So, you start to think; where can you get offensive firepower?”

At some point, the Raptors will improve considering the shear talent on the roster does not equate to a team that is playing so poorly. That being said, as Lowry is set to enter free agency this Summer, the Raptors may be curious about the potential of partnering their star guard with Harden.

“That’s why you start thinking about a guy like Harden,” Windhorst added. “Because you know he’s a terrible defender but if you have good team-defense around them; that’s the formula for a huge amount of victories.”

Of course, it is important to consider the package that the Rockets will require for a controllable superstar who has been in the MVP conversation in essentially every year over the past half-decade.

At the very least, it doesn’t hurt to keep probing.


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