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Nike Unveils the “GO FlyEase,” A Sneaker made for Everyone

Nike has unveiled their latest in sneaker innovation by introducing the Nike GO FlyEase sneaker. For those not familiar, FlyEase is a technology Nike has been experimenting with over the last five years, with the first FlyEase model introduced in July of 2015.

The idea for FlyEase technology came after 16-year old Matthew Walzer, who has Cerebral Palsy, wrote to Nike with a request for the company to create a sneaker that would be easy to put on for people who may have difficulty tying shoelaces.

Nike took this request to heart, and created a set of criteria in order to work to the goal of “making shoes easier for everyone.”

FlyEase was designed with these three principles in mind. First, the sneakers should be easy to open and close with either one hand or no hands. In the past, FlyEase models have utilized alternatives to laces by using zippers to cable strap systems.

Courtesy: Nike

Second, the sneakers must be easy to put on and take off, and Nike notes that this ease achieved by making “larger entries” into the shoe, or by making alternative entry systems such as the magnetized system found on the Nike Air Zoom UNVRS

Lastly, Nike aims to accommodate all sorts of different foot shapes and sizes with their FlyEase sneakers.

Since then, FlyEase has been found on various different shoe models spanning multiple categories, including sportswear, basketball, running. Some of the notable models that feature FlyEase technology are the Jordan 1, Vapormax, Airmax 90, and Airforce 1 to name a few.

The Jordan 1 FlyEase. Courtesy: Sneakernews

On February 1st, 2021, Nike revealed the GO FlyEase, which culminates all the innovations made on previous FlyEase models.

The initial design was intended to support adaptive athletes, and that design eventually evolved into a concept that is applicable to a wider consumer market.

The concept evolved into a shoe that provides a hands-free experience.

And that’s the biggest change about this shoe. The shoe incorporates a unique midsole hinge and rubber band combination that is able to bend at the shoe at the hinge, which enables easy, hands-free entry and exit from the shoe.

Courtesy: Nike

Essentially, for anyone that wears the GO FlyEase, the experience of putting on the shoe and taking off the shoe is as simple as planting the heel of your foot on the protruding part of the heel of the shoe, and sliding in and out as you please.

The shoe is designed to stay at a stationary position, at an angle once you take it off, so that once you put on the shoes again, you just have to step right into the shoes without any other steps required.

The Nike GO FlyEase is not currently available for purchase at any retailers as of yet, as Nike made the sneakers purchasable only to a select group of Nike members. A wider release is planned later in the year, and expect these three colorways featured here to be part of the launch.

Courtesy: Nike

Courtesy: Nike

Courtesy: Nike


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