As Playoffs Approach, Mavs Still Searching for Chemistry Between Stars

A couple of years ago, the Dallas Mavericks made a huge splash when they acquired All-Star Kristaps Porzingis from the New York Knicks.

The hope was to create a young and dynamic duo alongside superstar Luka Doncic.

The pairing has had its ups and downs, and as the NBA playoffs approach, the Mavericks are still searching for that perfect connection between the two in order to cement the organization as legitimate contenders. Individually, both Porzingis and Doncic have been producing on the floor, but as a collective duo, the fit both on and off the court has had its hitches.

“On the court they are fine,” explained team owner Mark Cuban on the K&C Masterpiece Show. “I mean, coaches coach, and coach kind of runs the show so everything gets worked out on the court. That’s not to say there aren’t dust-ups, because there are.

“I’d compare it to Jet and Dirk. If you remember, when we first got Jet, Dirk was not a fan. Dirk did not like him. And we lost in a playoff series because Jet made a mistake against [Steve] Nash and that just made it even worse. They weren’t best friends at the beginning, but they grew to like each other and grew to be great friends and that’s just part of the process when you’ve got young kids who are growing up. It took forever before Dirk and Jet did anything off the court together. A long time. Yeah, I mean, KP and Luka get along fine. It’s just that they’re different people. They like to do different things.”

Terry and Nowitzki, who initially did not get along at all, grew closer over time and eventually helped the Mavericks win their first NBA championship. The two have remained good friends ever since.

“Coaches coach, and coach (Rick Carlisle) kind of runs the show,” Cuban added. “So everything gets worked out on the court. … KP and Luka get along fine. It’s just that they’re different people. They like to do different things.”

The duo of Porzingis and Doncic are averaging 49.1 points and 17.3 rebounds per games as the Mavericks are currently occupying the sixth seed in the Western Conference.

Not all marriages are perfect.


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