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Kevin Durant, Mike Conley Win Oscar for Best Short Film (Live Action)

Following in the footsteps of the late Kobe Bryant, NBA stars Kevin Durant and Mike Conley were presented an Oscar during Sunday’s award ceremony.

The duo won an Oscar for Best Short Film (Live Action) for executive producing “Two Distant Strangers”.

Durant and Conley were among 10 executive producers of the short film. The film itself was directed by Martin Desmond Roe and Travon Free. The film stars rapper and actor Joey Bada$$, who gets stuck in a time loop where he repeatedly runs into the same police offers who repeatedly kills him.

“From the minute we saw the script for this project, we knew it had the potential to be very powerful and we wanted to be involved,” Durant said in a February interview with Slam Magazine.  “Getting to see it come to life on the screen was an intense experience – I also had the opportunity to screen it for my teammates and coaches at the Nets, and I think everyone came away with the same feeling that I did that the film is telling a really important story about the Black experience, but in a way that is real and raw and not at all preachy.”

The film can be viewed on Netflix.

“I think that’s huge to kind of show that visually for the general public and people to [help them] understand what my uncles and my grandparents taught me, like sometimes when you get pulled over you just pray, man,” said Conley. “There’s nothing you can do sometimes [but] just pray that everything comes out right like you can show your identity you can do everything you want to do in the right manner and still get shot or have something come out of that.

“So it’s just, it was a great way of portraying it and allowing I think all of us to kind of exhale a little bit that we have this film to be able to show all those examples.”

Back in 2018, Bryant won an Oscar award for his animated short film, “Dear Basketball”.


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