Warrior for Life?


Warriors Stephen Curry Eying Big Pay Day this Coming Offseason

After a lost 2020 season, Stephen Curry has returned and has not skipped a beat.

The prolific sharpshooter is 33-year olds and the finish line doesn’t appear to be creeping up anytime soon. In fact, the Golden State Warriors appear interested in talking extension with Curry this offseason.

“It was just one of those things, let’s just talk about it,” Warriors GM Bob Myers said of his conversations with Curry. “It was such a rushed season and preseason … and with what was going on and dealing with Klay (Thompson’s Achilles injury) and all the things we had going on. People listening may not realize the COVID stuff and dealing with that stuff was so unique. We just very congenially said, ‘Let’s talk about it next season.’

“In his mind, the length matters. It wasn’t contentious. Nobody was upset. It was just, ‘Hey, let’s talk about this at the end of next season.’ And I think that probably meant everybody feels good about the situation. No one was feeling badly about it.”

Curry was eligible to sign a three-year, $156-million extension with the Warriors this past offseason, but will be able to ink a four-year, $217 million deal with the team this coming Summer. If Curry plays out the entirety of the extension with the Warriors, that would mark 17 seasons with the same team, ranked the seventh most in NBA history.

“A person of that stature, for what he’s accomplished here with our organization, they’re almost like a partner, really,” Myers said. “You want them to feel like a partnership in the future. Somebody like that has certainly earned that type of respect.

“You just don’t see it anymore, players like him. I don’t know you’ll see it much at all in the future, people staying in one place. People don’t even go to (the same) high school anymore for four years; they go to three high schools … you can transfer college, you can quit jobs. I have a great reverence for people like him.”

At this point in time, Curry embodies everything the Warriors are as an organization and the partnership between both parties may very well be one of the best in sporting history.


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