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Thomas Fields Secures Deal on Shark Tank with Grind Basketball Product

If you haven’t ever seen an episode of Shark Tank, you are missing out.

The show has aired for over 10 seasons and has helped numerous entrepreneurs realize the American Dream.

The show also has a couple investors that NBA fans may recognize. Mark Cuban has been a part of the show for years and is the long-time owner of the Dallas Mavericks. Meanwhile, Alex Rodriguez has made a few appearances on the program and has recently become a part owner of the Minnesota Timberwolves organization.

On this past week’s episode, Thomas Fields came on looking to cut a deal with the Sharks.

His product – Grind Basketball.

Fields’ aim when creating the product was to produce a shooting machine which is not only portable but affordable as well. Grind Basketball is so portable that it can fit into a duffle bag and while the Sharks have noted a few concerns with the product, that did not stop a number of them from submitting offers.

Fields came into the tank seeking $250K for a 5% stake in his company. The Sharks didn’t value the product that high, but Fields came away with two huge Sharks on his side in Cuban and Barbara. The Final offer was $250K for 25%, a deal that Fields could not pass up on with Cuban involved.

Sounds like this will certainly not be the last time we hear of Grind Basketball.


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