2021 Cap Set


NBA Salary Cap for 2021-22 Season Set at $112.414 Million

Believe it or not, there is a salary cap in the NBA.

Don’t let the first evening of free agency full you because there is a ceiling to this madness and according to the NBA, that ceiling will be $112.414 million for the upcoming NBA season. The Tax Level for the 2021-22 season will be $136.606 million.

The new salary cap and tax level guidelines will go into effect on Tuesday morning at 12:01 am Eastern Time. Teams have been granted permission to begin negotiations at 6:00 PM on August 2, six hours prior to the league’s moratorium period. This period will end at noon on August 6 at which time, players can begin to officially sign new contracts.

Per the NBA, the minimum team salary, which is set at 90% of the salary cap, is $101.173 million for the upcoming season. Separately, the league’s Collective Bargaining Agreement calls for three different mid-level exceptions depending on a team’s salary level. The non-taxpayer mid-level for the year is $9.536 million, the taxpayer mid-level is $5.890 million and the mid-level for a team with room under the Salary Cap is $4.910 million.

Let the money spending begin!


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